Dalmatian villas Spend the day at the Victoria Falls, one of Africa's great natural wonders.
Depart via Kazungula ferry over the Zambesi River to dalmatian villas Kasane in Botswana.
Overnight in a chalet at villas the Kubu Lodge on the banks of the Chobe River.
Visit the Chobe National Park and enjoy guided game drives and boat cruises. Today, drive via Ngoma into Namibia's Caprivi Strip.
which dalmatian villas is situated on the banks of the Kwando dalmatian villas River.
Spend the day in the northern Kalahari with walks, game drives and a boat cruise. Drive via Kongola through the Bwabwata National Park (Caprivi Game Park), Divundu and Rundu holiday villas french dalmatian villas riviera to Roy's Rest Camp close to Grootfontein. Drive via Grootfontein to visit the world'dalmatian villas s largest meteorite and continue via the exclusive villas dalmatian villas in portugal farm Rietfontein to the magnificent Waterberg.
One can undertake relaxing walks along the mountain.
Overnight in a room at the Waterberg Plateau rebecca villasenor Lodge. In the course of the morning, drive via Okahandja to the nunia villas capital Windhoek.
Your dalmatian guide villas is going to bring you back to the Hosea Kutako moon villas jamaica International Airport dalmatian villas for your flight out - or return your rented vehicle here.Waterberg Etosha (6 Days) 1.
Day: dalmatian villas Waterberg Plateau Park In the morning we dalmatian depart villadalmatian villas s from Eros Airport to the Northern bush savannah of Namibia; to the Waterberg Plateau Park.
The impressive mountain range invites you to undertake a dalmatian villas hike in the afternoon. Overnight with Dinner Breakfast at Waterberg Wilderness Lodge.
Day: Etosha National Park dalmatian villas The Etosha National Park, named after the Etosha pan within the park, is one of the largest and most beautiful game parks in Africa and the next destination of saddlewood villas your holiday villas to rent in spain safari. The extensive roads network in the park invites dalmatian villas you to undertake game drives, on which you will have the opportunity to view elephant, giraffe, zebra and many other animal species.
Day: Etosha National villas Park Mokuti Lodge After an Spectacular flight over the National holiday villas in slovenia Park, you also spent these days in the spain villas holidays park with Game drives.
With a bit of luck, you might even be spoilt with a sighting of lion, cheetah or other predators roaming the park.
The diversity of the animal kingdom in the park dalmatian villas dalmatian will ensure that this day wont be boring.
Price per Person: N$ 34 650.00 Minimum 2 persons 2 x Accommodation at Waterberg Wilderness Lodge with Dinner Breakfast and Hiking Trail.
Transfers from to the Airfields.UNTAMED TRAVEL AFRICA 3 Days Etosha Camping Safari A tour of one the dalmatian villas worlds greatest wildlife-viewing venues the Etosha National Park. Day dalmatian villas 1 Windhoek Okaukuejo, Etosha National Park (450 km) dalmatian villas Pickup from your hotel is between 08:00 and 08:30. Later you stop in Otjiwarongo to fill up with petrol and provisions.
A picnic lunch will be served along the way and in the afternoon camp will be set up at Okaukuejo.
You may explore the surroundings and enjoy the swimming pool before a late afternoon dalmatian villas game drive.
After dinner around the campfire, island villas for sale a visit to the floodlit dalmatian villas waterhole is strongly recommended as there are good chances to see rhinos and lions come to drink.
Day 2 Okaukuejo Namutoni, Etosha First things first as we spend most of the day game driving.
We may stop at Halali middle camp to have lunch before we continue our game drive to Namutoni.
We have time to relax at the swimming pool in Namutoni or at the waterhole before a late afternoon game drive.
The game viewing is usually excellent with close views of springboks, zebras, impalas, giraffes, gemsboks and plenty of birds.
If we are lucky we may also have some close encounters with elephants and lions. In the evening we may enjoy a glass of wine and experience a fabulous sunset from dalmatian villas the tower of the luz villas old German fort villas before dalmatiandalmatian villas trong> dinner around the campfire.
Day 3 Namutoni Windhoek After a morning game drive, with the chance to get some more pictures of Etosha's wildlife in the soft morning light, we depart Etosha nevis villas via the moon villas jamaica luxury villas elounda Von Lindequist Gate headed back to the city. We will dalmatian villas travel on the main road (B1), making a short detour to Lake Otjikoto distinguished by its ald- green waters discovered in 1851. Just before reaching Windhoek we have time to stop in dalmatian villas the small town of Okahandja with Namibias largest woodcarving dalmatian villas market. We are likely to arrive back into the city at around cheap villas of deerwood villas for sale in turkey 16:30 and you will be dropped off at your accommodation on our return.dalmatian villas 6 Day Namib Desert Etosha Camping Tour Day 1 dalmatian villas Windhoek Sesriem weston villas Camp (350 km) Collection time is between 08:00 and 08:30 from anywhere within Windhoek.
Windhoek is surrounded by mountains and we have to climb out, first over the Eros Mountains and then over the Khomas Hochland Range.

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