Getaway villas in cyprus This process involved using language with a cayman kai villas focus on maintaining the meaning of the concepts contained getaway villas in in cyprus the original instrument so that it would have a similar effect on the respondents in both cultures. 9 As a result, the interaction between subjects and interviewers was getaway villas in cyprus especially important, in the sense of getaway villas in cyprus cyprus getaway in villas enduring that the original meaning of boardwalk resort the villas question would be conveyed.
The process of adapting an instrument is thus a combination alfamar villas algarve gardens hotel of literal word translation and careful fine-tuning that addresses the cultural context and lifestyle of the target population.
9 Moreover, approval of the back-translated getaway villas villas for sale in france in cyprus version by the original authors ensured that the original meanings were not getaway villas in cyprus lost.
As a result, we strongly believe that the Brazilian version of FAS-IR can provide a baseline measure of accommodation and serve world luxury villas as a cheap villas for sale in turkey sensitive measure of changes obtained with cognitive-behavioral treatment approaches.
In sum, villas the availability of the getaway villas in cyprus FAS-IR in Brazilian Portuguese will allow Brazilian investigators to evaluate the participation getaway villas in cyprus of family members in rituals and changes in routine, as well as getaway villas in cyprus the influence of such participation on private villas zante the maintenance of symptoms.
Moreover, it can be used to assess getaway villas in cyprus whether family accommodation is a predictor getaway villas get away villas in cyprus of the treatment outcome.
Finally, the translation of the FAS-IR will also enable comparisons between national and international getaway villas in cyprus studies on family accommodation.
Future studies are needed to samui centara villas assess the reliability and validity of the Brazilian villas version of the scale. Moreover, it would be interesting to add a family-based intervention, aimed at reducing family accommodation, to standard OCD treatments and examine whether this improves treatment outcomes.
Acknowledgments The authors are villas in cyprus grateful to health professionals Anna Williams, Patricia Pranke, Ygor Ferro, and Rui Ramos Neto, and to all the patients and their relatives for their cooperation.
Also our thanks to Esperana Moniz, at the University of Southern California, for her assistance with the back translation from Portuguese into getaway villas in cyprus English. Manual diagnstico e estatstico de transtornos mentais (DSM-IV-TR).
Aspectos genticos do transtorno obsessivo-compulsivo.
A review and meta-analysis of genetic epidemiology of anxiety disorders. Calvocoressi L, Lewis B, Harris M, Trufan BS, Goodman WK, McDougle CJ, et al. Family accommodation in getaway villas in cyprus obsessive compulsive disorder.
Calvocoressi L, Mazure getaway villas in cyprus CM, Kasl SV, Skolnick J, Fisk D, Vesgo SJ, et al.
Reliability and validity of the family accommodation scale for obsessive-compulsive disorder. Expressed emotion in families and the treatment getaway villas in cyprus of obsessive compulsive disorder. Testing a getaway villas in cyprus conceptual model of patient and family getaway villas in cyprus predictors of thailand luxury villas obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) getaway villas in cyprus symptoms.
Ferro YA, Shavitt RG, Bedin NR, de Mathis ME, Lopes AC, Fontenelle LF, et al. Clinical features associated to refractory obsessive-compulsive disorder. Operacionalizao de adaptao transcultural de instrumentos de aferio usados em epidemiologia. Iguau, 165, sala 506, Bairro Petrpolis CEP 90470-430, Porto Alegre, RS, BrazilSearch - Apartments Region, riviera or place in Apartments in Croatia are a great choice for your summer vacation on getaway villas in cyprus the Adriatic.
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