Kata villas 8 evaluated the kata villas phenomenon of family accommodation and observed that relatives of refractory patients presented higher rates of accommodation and exhaustion when kata villas kata villas compared to relatives of patients who responded to treatment.
These results demonstrate the relevance of the FAS-IR4, 5 as a sensitive outcome measure.
However, in order to better and more consistently assess family accommodation in different populations, translation of the scale into different languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, villas kata is required.
Therefore, the objective of our study was to describe the translation and adaptation into Brazilian Portuguese of the FAS-IR, developed by Calvocoressi et al.
5 After receiving authorization from the authors of the original scale (Calvocoressi L, 2007, personal communication), two kata villas independent professionals translated and adapted the scale into Brazilian Portuguese.
Based on the two kata villas kata villas translations, a preliminary version of the instrument was developed and administered to 15 villas for sale in javea relatives of OCD patients. Subjects were selected to represent different socioeconomic levels and cultural backgrounds.
The aim of this pilot questionnaire administration was to assess the quality of the translation and to collect suggestions for language adjustments aimed at improving instrument clarity and ensuring that the items would be easily understood by groups from different cultural and kata villas socioeconomic backgrounds.
The pilot questionnaire was administered at Hospital de Clnicas de Porto Alegre (HCPA), waiakea villas Porto moon villas jamaica Alegre, RS, Brazil. Whenever kata villas<kata villas /strong> the subject had villas caribbean difficulties understanding a question or a particular word, the interviewer reworded it until the respondent understood the meaning the interviewer wished to convey.
The kata villas most frequent suggestions made by the interviewees were either added to the villas and apartments for rent questionnaire in parentheses or used to rephrase kata villas the questions, to ensure their understanding in a definitive version.
Once the scale was considered to be appropriately translated into Portuguese, its back-translation into English was conducted independently by two other bilingual health kata professionals villas who had not seen the instrument in its kata villas original form.
After comparing the two back-translations, a new English version of the scale was generated.
The final translated version of the FAS-IR is presented in Appendix 1.
Figure 1 presents a flowchart kata villas of the process of translation, adaptation and back-translation.
Of the 15 relatives involved in the pilot questionnaire application, 93% were female and 53% were mothers of the patients; mean age was 55 16.4 years. The participants had different education levels, ranging from kata villas 33% who had completed basic education to 7% with university degrees.
As previously mentioned, some family members had questions about the wording of some questions; these subjects requested an explanation from the interviewer kata villas and made suggestions to improve the clarity and villas baja understanding of the instrument. The change made to the scale are listed in Table 1. Discussion and conclusion kata villas Throughout the process of adaptation of the FAS-IR into Brazilian Portuguese, we sought to achieve semantic equivalence between the original and the translated versions.

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