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Yhi hostels

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Yhi hostels Etosha was really designed for visitors on self-drive safari holidays; that's how yhi hostels most people visit here, backpacker hostels usa helped by the park's good roads and signposts. If you prefer to be guided around by a professional safari guide, then it's usually better youth hostels strasbourg to stay in one of the private camps or lodges.
Flora & Fauna of Etosha The game and birds found here are typical of the savanna plains of the main safari areas in southern Africa, but include several species endemic to yhi hostels this western side of the continent, adjacent to the Namib Desert. Big game of Etosha National Park The more common herbivores include elephant, cheap hostels in zurich giraffe, eland, blue wildebeest, kudu, gemsbok, springbok, impala, steenbok and zebra.
The most numerous of these are hostels iguazu falls the springbok which can often be seen in herds numbering thousands, spread out over the most barren of plains. These finely marked antelope have a marvellous habit of pronking, either (it appears) for fun or to avoid predators.
It has been suggested that pronking is intended to put predators off in the yhi hostels first place by showing the animals strength and stamina; the weakest pronkers are the ones predators are seen to go for. Elephant are very common, though digging for water below the sand wears hawaii hostels oahu down their tusks, so big tuskers are very rare.
Often large family groups are seen trooping down to waterholes to drink, wallow and bathe.
The parks population has been under scientific scrutiny for the infrasonic noises (below the range of human hearing) which they make. It is thought that groups communicate over long distances in this way. Among the rarer species, black rhino continue to thrive here, and the floodlit waterholes at Okaukuejo and Halali provide two of the continents best chances to observe this aggressive and secretive species. In recent years, about a dozen white rhino have been introduced. Your best airlie beach hostels chance of seeing these is in the east of the park, around Aus, Springbokfontein, Batia or Okerfontein, either early or late in the day.
Black-faced impala are restricted to Namibia and yhi hostels southern Angola, occurring here lithuania hostels as well as in parts of the Kunene region to the west.
With only isolated populations, numbering under a thousand or so, they are one of the rarest animals in the region. Endemic to Namibia, it is common here in areas of dense bush. Roan antelope and red hartebeest occur all over the subcontinent, though they are common nowhere. This is definitely one of the better parks in which to look best hostels south america for roan, especially in the mopane areas around Aus and Olifantsbad.
Predators in Etosha All of the larger felines are bordeaux hostels found in Etosha, with good numbers of lion, leopard, cheetah and caracal. The lion tend to prey mainly upon zebra and wildebeest, whilst the cheetah rely largely upon springbok.

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